About Us

Joe Martin

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Joe is the lead adviser to owners, real estate investors and those seeking their first investment. Joe provides detailed information that can assist investors to ensure the target property fits into their portfolio and meets the investors goals in their wealth building plan. As a licensed real estate agent in both Nebraska and Iowa with Berkshire Hathaway Ambassador Real Estate, Joe can advise investors through out the transaction. From finding, to evaluating, to successfully negotiating terms and ultimately closing on the property, Joe will guide you throughout the transaction. Once the property is owned Joe and the rest of the Principal Property Management team will get to work in the complete and successful management of the property to ensure to maximize profits and to add value and decrease expenses where ever possible.

Fred Marisett

Chief Operating Officer

Fred is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Fred has been an active real estate investor for over 20 years. Over that time he has successfully managed his own properties and provided advice to countless other property owners over the years. During his time as a real estate investor, Fred has built up a large database of trusted and high quality contractors, plumbers, electricians and other needed tradesman to effectively manage, maintain and increase the value of the property. Fred also has the ability to analyze a property and find deficiencies and turn those deficiencies around to ensure that a property is maximizing profits as much as possible.

JoAnn Widdershoven

Tenant Services Manager

JoAnn is the main contact for all tenants and is the lead on all tenant acquisition activities. JoAnn is the point person on all marketing of vacant units and is well versed in determining qualified applicants for those units. JoAnn puts the highest priority on customer service and makes sure that all tenant issues are handled in a timely manner and works directly with the tenants to ensure a positive experience for all tenants. JoAnn also responds to and prioritizes all service requests. She then follows the requests through the process and follows up with all the tenants to make sure the quality and timely resolution of any and all tenant issues.