About Us

About Us


George and Michael have over 15 years of experience in buying, selling, and managing residential and commercial properties. They have invested in properties all across the United States, from Los Angeles County, to North Carolina.

When they started investing in the Antelope Valley they found that while the investments made sense, the property management costs and quality of management were outrageous. Most firms wanted 10% Gross Rent, plus a leasing fee equal to ½-1 full month’s rent. We would never pay a leasing fee at all, and 10% gross rent is a little much too, so George and Michael formed a property management company that was centered on efficiency and made by principals, for principals.

Principal Property Management is the company that is exactly what we want in a management company. Great, efficient management at a reasonable price—with no ridiculous fees. We create long-term tenants, whereas charging a leasing fee promotes turnover. We know what we are doing at PPM because we have managed over 1000 units to date—from single family houses, to large apartment complexes.

We concentrate on Cash Flow!


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